Curriculum Methodologies

Our learning environment is designed to promote self-assurance, proficiency, and the cultivation of entrepreneurial individuals who actively work towards fostering unity, concord, and tranquility.

The main focus of our institution is on :

Teaching Methodologies

The Trichy branch of Mahalakshmi Vidya Mandir is a highly regarded CBSE school located in Thudaiyur post. Our teaching methods are designed to provide a comprehensive education that addresses all aspects of a child’s development.

Our Practices

Our school aims to provide students with intellectual stimulation through a well-designed program focused on moral and value education, including emotional intelligence.

Our Approach to Teaching and Learning - Gardner's Theory of Intelligence Approach

The Gardener’s Theory of Intelligence proposes that there are eight unique forms of intelligence that are relevant to our educational and learning methods:

Specific Age Based Teaching Methods

NurseryWe practice a child-centered, innovative approach, keeping in mind the child’s basic requirements. We use fun and engaging activities to teach the alphabet and numbers, which helps foster creativity and self-assurance in the child.

Primary (1-5) – We focus on conceptual learning in all subjects and introduce new curricula each year to promote progressive learning. Our teachers employ various imaginative methods and activities to aid in this process.

Middle School (6-8) – We lay emphasis on developing necessary social and academic skills rather than mere acquisition of knowledge. Students will be taught to integrate science and technology , bring mathematics closer to life and develop listening, reading, writing and thinking in a balanced manner.

High School and Higher Secondary (9-12) – We follow the CBSE curriculum which provides ample scope for physical, intellectual and social development of students. Equal emphasis is laid on co-scholastic areas of art education and health and physical education.


At Mahalakshmi Vidya Mandir, the teacher-student relationship is highly valued by the facilitators by following an open model approach

Personal Model

Teachers who operate under the "Personal Model" style are those who lead by example,demonstrating to students how to access and comprehend information.


The Delegator teaching style prioritizes autonomy in the learning process, with teachers taking a less active role in students' learning.